RFP Consultancy to Our Clients

Mercury’s RFP Consultancy services help you transform your company’s Merchandising  &  Fulfillment programs into a high-growth, profitable business that promotes the brand effectively – without a major capital investment and with reduced corporate involvement.

Please Ask Yourself:

  • Do you currently have a clear process for Merchandise & Fulfillment Services which includes brand guidelines and budget constraints that firmly establish your role as the sole agent for your marks?
  • Have you granted licenses or permission to undifferentiated vendors offering the same products and services leaving no volume leverage?
  • Have you allowed a passive program fraught with costs, risks and potential conflicts to underperform for too long?
  • Have you neglected an opportunity to leverage the power of your brand in new ways with little to no upfront costs?

Our Procurement Business Services team can quickly help you structure an efficient RFP business model that creates value for growth in the Merchandising and/or Fulfillment sectors.  Our business model includes:  Innovation, Cost, Price, Service, Delivery, Quality, Reliability and Assurance of Supply.

For further information, please contact Jon Sloan at sloanj@mercuryfs.com.