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Sweepstakes, Contests & Games

Sweepstakes, Contests and Games of chance Promotions are a highly interactive and effective way to make relevant connections between your brand and the interests of your consumers or business-to-business customers. And in return for the reward you provide, you receive something far more valuable:

  • Understanding of who your audience is and their preferences
  • Ongoing opportunities for re-marketing on an increasingly personal level
  • Repeat exposure to your brand/product message
  • Brand loyalty

At Mercury, our business is providing the necessary Security to ensure every promotion you execute with us is properly structured to:

  • Be legally compliant
  • Provide a positive consumer experience that fosters goodwill for your company or brand

We indemnify our clients, providing you the security to execute your promotion confidently. Our Promotion Marketing Team will guide you through the process to help avoid potential legal pitfalls and limit the liability that can occur in any Game of Chance or Skill Promotion.

The Mercury Promotions Team has over 16 years experience specializing in complete Promotions management including Legal, Promotion Administration and Fulfillment services for all types of Sweepstakes, Contests, Games and other incentive programs.

Only an experienced promotion marketing team’s review can provide the expertise needed to ensure your promotion will comply with all the changing, complex and sometimes conflicting federal, state or foreign statutes that may apply to a particular online or offline promotion.

  • Mercury writes clearly stated Official Rules that contain all necessary provisions
  • We will review advertising/media communications supporting your Promotion for legal compliance and consistency with the Official Rules
  • We are up to date on all current issues pertaining to state registration and bonding requirements
  • We continually monitor the ever-evolving promotion guidelines and best practices for the various mobile and social media formats
  • We can advise how to best avoid consumer fraud
  • We have the experience to help you avoid potential legal issues and limit the liability that can occur in any Sweepstakes, Contest or Game

Depending on your particular promotion needs you may utilize all, or any combination of, Mercury services on a project basis. We are extremely flexible and can handle Promotions both large and small. Our many years working with clients enable us to support these programs very efficiently and cost effectively.

Promotion Mechanics Consult

  • Promotion concept review and strategic consultation
  • Prize pool recommendations
  • Online and offline tactic recommendations
  • Coordinate and manage digital technology builds and/or print production

Legal & Compliance

  • Official Rules development by experienced Promotion Law attorney
  • Promotion Law attorney legal review of promotion communications/advertising collateral (copy for web, social or other media; packaging; POS, etc.)
  • Client indemnification
  • State bonding & registrations
  • Prepare Affidavits of Eligibility/Compliance & Publicity Release
  • Prepare and file federal IRS 1099s

Additional Security Services

  • Odds calculation, secure game piece seeding and verification
  • Limited liability insurance and certifications
  • Winner background security checks
  • High security storage of prize items

Promotion Administration

  • Alternate/mail-in entry set-up, receiving and data entry
  • Randomized winner selection
  • Official winner notifications and verification
  • Toll-free Customer Service and dedicated follow-up to secure winner documentation

Promotion Fulfillment

  • Our in-house warehouse facility can receive, store, kit pack and ship prizes direct to winners
  • Our ASI certified buying power enables us to source and procure prize items at the lowest available cost: Merchandise, Gift Cards/e-Certificates, or Custom Items
  • Specialized trip prize fulfillment provides personalized trip itinerary coordination with individual winners and booking of all travel arrangements