Download our Trade Promotion Management 1-Pg. Topline »  Adobe PDF

Mercury’s customer-centric online environments can be custom designed around the trade promotion needs of any sales network, retailers or other partners to accomplish trade marketing goals:

  • A fully integrated system to optimize trade spending at every level within your organization
  • Automated marketing tools and support to grow your retail organization’s awareness and profitability at the local level
  • Centralized and consolidated real-time reporting of trade spending activity/budgets – all available online 24/7
  • Increased share of mind with your trade partners to enhance product awareness and sales

We create a one stop, self-service business and marketing resource center of excellence to your trade channel with the ultimate goal of making it easier for your customers to do business with your company:

  • Supports a variety of trade promotion tactics all intuitively designed to your particular business needs
  • Provides tools specific to the individual marketing strategies of your trade channel participants
  • Automatically deducts cost of program from co-op or accepts payment from a credit card
  • Reports real-time information
  • Provides personalized Customer Support

Co-op Administration

Maintains centralized real-time reporting of trade spending/activity online 24/7 and automatically deducts cost of program from co-op, eliminating claim fees for orders:

  • Real Time Budget Reporting
  • Online or Manual Claim Processing
  • Online Commitment/Approval System
  • True Value Calculation for “Big Box” Retailers
  • Insights & Accurate Balances
  • Speed, Accuracy (no duplicates)
  • Commitments to Goals Documented
  • Save 15-40% of Budget

To schedule a Trade Promotion Management demo: or 586-825-9301

Customer Activation

Increases share of mind with trade partners to enhance product awareness and sales:

  • Segregate Using 80/20 Rule
  • Proactive Outbound Concierge Service
  • Create CRM System
  • Develop New Traffic Drivers
  • Focus on High Impact Segments
  • Provides Lead Follow-up for Retail Partners
  • Base Recommendations on ROI

Marketing Automation

Online access to corporate-approved marketing materials and assets to implement local marketing programs:

  • One Stop Shopping: Ads, Direct Mail, POS & Premiums
  • Ad Templates Allow Local Versioning
  • Offers All Relevant Media
  • Relevant Local Advertising, Geo-Targeting
  • Assures Local Buy- In Across Media Types
  • Automated Claim Submission for Portal Transactions Reduce Paperwork

Marketing Automation